Saturday, March 22, 2008

Never Say Goodbye

I have add a video clip of 'Never Say Goodbye' by Mario & Nesty. Feel free to watch the video (located at the bottom of the right bar). It is one of my favourite songs. Thanks to my colleague, Khor Choon Tze for introducing the song to me :) Whenever i feel sad, the melody of the song really cheer me up!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work..Work..Work...But It's Fun! ;-)

Fuuuhhh...Luckily today is a public holiday... I could get some rest, but i wonder why, today i feel sooooo weak :( Hmm..i guess, maybe i should go to work everyday to maintain my energy :D

Today, i supposed to do my final year project. But, as i mention earlier... i feel weak. Im not in mood doing any task that will force me to think. Eventhough i love 3D animation, but for this project, its no easy to visualize how accidents happen and animate them to look damn real. Owh god..please help me.. The presentation would be in middle of April but i still couldn't finish it up.
Erm...sorry to my Project Supervisor... I couldn't make it again. Sorry for keep postponing the date to see u. I couldn't go to Uniten tomorrow due to discussion for the new project for Spikers. Sorry once again and thank you for all your support and understanding, Pn. Nazrita.

Yesterday...Was a long day... We,
Spiker@K-Perak got our new project. For the previous project, i work as a Creative Designer. But for this project, my new position is as an Information Architect. For me, it is a quite tough position (coz i have to do the IA document, IA Brief document, Matrix Checklist, Taskflow, Wireframe) yet it would be interesting. I have experience helping my team member doing IA work for the prevoius project. I hope, this time i can do it very well and i will do my best.

Yesterday... We, all Spikers have to divide ourselves into 3 groups to conduct and manage all the 3 upcoming events (Sports Day, Management Talk, Charity Dinner). I 'absorb' myself to join the Charity Dinner committee. At first, they want me to become the Secretary, but i refuse to. Its not because i don't like the job but i am the secretary for the High Committee of
SPIKE@PERAK CLUB, so i would like other member to get the chance and experience to do the secretary job. But then, they elect me as the Creative Designer and Event Manager. I feel happy :) So now, i hold two position for the Charity Dinner. Thanks to my friend for their trust and i will do my best.

Hmmm..i know... i had so much work to be done. My Uniten degree's final year project, my SPIKE second project, the Charity Dinner... But i hope i had the strength to do all the stuff till all of it finish and successful. Amen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Training --> Practical

Today, we (SPIKERs) are going to start our practical for the SPIKE program. OWh,ya. I forgot to mention that SPIKE stands for Skali Pioneers and Innovators in the Knowledge Economy. Sounds great, ya. Our training which start from 4th February 2008, end yesterday, 26th February 2008. During training, we learn about Creative Design, User Acceptance Test, User Requirement Study, Information Architecture and Project Management. We gain a lot of knowledge about e-business which we couldn't get from the university. I feel so lucky coz i got this opportunity to attend this training which not all people can get this chance. And now..we are going to do our practical, where all that we had learn during training will be implement to our incoming project which we will get the project title soon...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My First Post...

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my page :) I'm Arina. Well..i am here..doing my blog, firstly because i have a SPIKER! :D But, after a few days, thinking about what am i going to write, i found that, oh my god! I love doing this! If im not mistaken, i had created 2 blogs before this, about 3 or 4 years ago, but it do not last long. I've stop posting blogs because im getting busy and busy and busy with so much assignments & projects at the university. And today, i couldn't even remember my old blogs address. Hmm..never mind. Now, i got the opportunity to start this all over again. Hope this time, it will works very well. Thanks to all the SKALIANs, for pushing us (all the SPIKERs) to create our own blog. And i am sure that the purpose of doing this, which is to improve our writing skills will be achieved :)

Hopefully, by posting blog and sharing stories, information or ideas, the relationship between SPIKERs and SKALIANs will become closer. Not to forget, K-PERAK staff who also have support all the
SPIKER@K-PERAK. Thanks to all.

To all my friends, please correct me if i done wrong, no matter in writing, speaking, doing things, etc..
I am still learning..All your advices will help me to become a great person. I wish... Thank you.

To everyone who view my comment anything that you would like to say about this blog, my post & all my future posts. Have a great time!